About the Jesmond Network


1. What is Jesmond Network?
We are a non-political network. Many local groups are involved, (including all the local political parties working together), your MP, St. George's, the Parish Church, the Jesmond Residents Association and other resident groups. Importantly, we welcome individuals who simply share a common concern; the problems associated with the increase of bars in the vicinity of Osborne Road.

There is no 'membership'; it is simply a Network to share information and enable individuals to make their own voices heard, and hopefully, to make a difference.
However, you can 'Join' our email News list to help stay informed of developments by clicking on the link at the left.

2. What is the purpose of the Network?
The Network was established after the first of several court cases about The Gresham Hotel becoming a bar. It became clear that many people in Jesmond were experiencing real problems from existing bars on Osborne Road, a good number of which go unreported to the police. The scale of the problems and strength of feeling became apparent, but so did the fact that getting information about licensing/planning applications involving the bars was a hit and miss affair.
The Network was therefore established to:-
 * be a source of information about new licensing and planning applications relating to bars in Jesmond
 * share information about who to write to with objections and dates of important events (e.g. court hearings, planning deadlines etc.)
 * enable people to raise their concerns about the bars with the appropriate authorities

2 views of Osborne Road
Above - there's someone's home in there between the two bars with the red and the blue parasols.

Right - there's a bus stop around here, somewhere.

3. How do I get information from the Network?

Register your email address with us to receive e-mail updates

information on the web site and notice boards will be updated regularly

4. How can I share information with the Network?
If you have any useful information concerning bars you can contact us as at the right.

5. The Network cannot speak for you - please use your own voice
If any issues are of concern, you can:-
 * get information from the Network
 * write your own letters
 * attend court hearings that involve local matters you care about

Odd that with all that traffic, people don't bother with the zebra crossings

Osborne Road can get busy in the evenings.
That's why the taxis use the bus stop.

It doesn't stop there.
Some residents fear that the developments of the evening economy on Osborne Road will continue until the point where the trend moves on elsewhere, leaving a trail of bars which no longer receive investment, are no longer popular and gradually go into decline. They could hardly be turned back into homes again. Yes, the future is never clear so you can only guess for yourself how our community might look in ten years time. But whatever your view, make your voice heard while you can make a difference.

Please keep checking the LATEST NEWS and RECENT NEWS pages on this site for the latest info. If you don't have internet access at home, you will be welcomed with practical help at Jesmond Library.

We may not all share the same views about the increasing commercialisation of Jesmond, but we should all be making our views known.

Your voice as an individual really can make a difference

How to contact the Jesmond Network :

0191 224 0080

email: info@jesmond.uk.net

Write to:
P. Hughes,
41 Sanderson Road, NE2 2DR

0771 2673841

Local notice boards such as in Jesmond Library