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August 07


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Newcastle City Council is now consulting on the next issue of its Licencing Policy which describes when and where licences will be granted under the Licencing law which it administers. Residents can comment on the proposals to the City's Licensing team and to Jesmond Network. Information is available from the city's own web site at

The Gresham Hotel story continues . . .

It was only last autumn (Oct 2006) that the City Council's Licensing Committee refused an application by Kickpoint Ltd to Licence the Gresham Hotel. Now in August 07 they are applying again - this time they're applying for Planning Permission first, for a restaurant which will allow customers to arrive up until 11pm with space at outside tables for around 30 people. Customers would be able to continue enjoying their meal for an hour or more after that time.
Concerned residents will presumably be letting their views be know to the Planning Department before August 23rd.

The Brandling pub in Brandling Village.
Brandling pub near Clayton Road applied for a Licence to allow a range of late night activities, including remaining open until 1:30am. There were very many letters of objection and during the hearing in July 07 the applicants cut back back much of their application to just one extra hour's drinking on Friday and Saturday nights. Residents were very dissapointed at this permission to increase further the disruption they already experience from the pub in their back lane and have now launched an Appeal.

Osborne Road late night drinking
Hot on the heels of the extra hour granted to the Brandling, the New Northumbria Hotel in Osborne Road has also applied for an extra hour's drinking on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. This includes the popular
Osborne's Bar.
Residents have until August 30th to make their views known to the Licensing unit of the City Council.

Other developments are also in the pipeline.
There are plans for other developments in Jesmond - in the building that was once
The Jesmond Cinema near West Jesmond Metro, and The Collingwood pub in Brandling Village and The Punchbowl near the Cradlewell shops.

The Jesmond Residents Association sends out routine emails to its members which lists all Planning Applications in Jesmond. You can email the J.R.A. at

All Planning Applications are listed on the Newcastle City Council website at
In the Search for Planning Applications you can select North Jesmond or South Jesmond Wards.
All Licensing Applications are listed on the Newcastle City Council website at
Near the foot of that page are downloadable lists of Applications. Choose the relevant date, then simply Search the document for "Osborne Road".

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Who to contact
Please use these contacts to make your views known :

Objections to Licencing Applications: Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing Unit, Room 604, Civic Centre,
Newcastle  NE1 8PB.
Tel: 0191 277 7178 email:

Representations to Licencing Appeals: Licencing Magistrates, PO Box 839 Market Street,
Newcastle   NE99 1AU.
Tel: 0191 245 6229 email:

Objections to Planning Applications: Planning Department, Civic Centre,
Newcastle   NE1 8PH.
Tel: 0191 232 8520 email:

Criminal or Suspicious Behaviour: Police, Etal Lane, Newbiggin Hall,
Newcastle   NE4 4AW.
Tel: 0191 214 6555 email:

Licensing Enforcement: Police Licensing, Sgt., Market Street,
Newcastle   NE99 1AU.
Tel: 0191 221 8100 email:

Please use this link to help or contact the network :

The Jesmond Network,
Tel: 07739 477216 email:

We may not all share the same views about drinking in Osborne Road, but we should all be making our views known.

Your voice as an individual really can make a difference

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